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HJ Heinz Company

In August 2014 we received an email from former Southall resident, Mr.Len Ashton, who worked with Southall Nut & Bolt Company that had rented space on the estate. It seems that the HJ Heinz Company had used the sound stages as a distribution facility when the studios closed in 1960/1961 before moving the products by lorry to their Wigan factory.

Mr Ashton added that Moores Welding and Fabrication made large steel liquid storage tanks on the site, as well as C. E Moore who manufactured barometers for marine use.

Mr Ashton further recalls a company, known locally as the Drain Pipe Factory, occupying a very run down building on the site which contained what seemed like 1000’s of feet of 35mm film on old reels including hundreds of photos from both films and the stars who appeared in them. The building also housed dozens of props.

Interestingly, the Heinz UK archives were unable to corroborate this information nor could their in-house magazine, ‘Heinz News’ shed any further light on the Hayes Park’s activities at Southall the 1960’s.

Britain’s Forgotten Film Factory

The story of Isleworth Film  Studios was published in 2012. Author Ed Harris acknowledged,with sincere thanks, William Cooke and ‘ The Southall Studios History Project’ for information on the Samuelson family who were involved with both studios.

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