The Site Today

An aerial view of the site of Southall Studios as it is today.

The newspaper photo of the fire that destroyed Southall Film Studios.29th October 1936 The 1958 Kinematograph Year Book confirms that that Southall had three soundstages measuring 75 foot x 50 foot, 50 ft x 50 ft and 50 ft x 25 ft.
The original office block and workshops. The factory next to the studios eventually became the stage and prop area which was used in manufacturing for the war effort. The following frames show the extent of the lot from right to left.
Original office wall with windows blocked up. The leftmost boundary of the site. Note the original yellow buildings.
The roadsign marks the site now known as the Featherstone Industrial Estate. What scenery would have been constructed here?
The 1958 trade journal concluded:  ‘During 1952 Southall employed approximately 96 permanent staff. By 1956, the studios employed about 47 permanent staff’ This was the original entrance to Southall Studios. Just visible in the top left corner is the bell to the studio gate. Tubby the doorman would show people round the sound stages.
To the left lies the office space and equipment store with the main entrance. With thanks to the DAVID BLAKE ARCHIVE. Taken fifteen years ago these photos reveal the layout of the studio space. The photo indicates that the  studios used compact working stages rather than an elaborate lot.  With thanks to the DAVID BLAKE ARCHIVE.